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Schools and the International Award

Schools and the International Award

Schools and the International Award

The International Award: A Challenge for All Young People

The Award is an exciting self-development programme available to all young people worldwide, equipping them with life skills to make a difference to themselves, their communities and the world. Anyone aged between 14 and 25 can experience challenge and adventure, acquire new skills and make new friends. The Award has a presence in more than 130 countries and is the Programme of choice for over 13 Lakh people in the world today.

The great strength of the Award is that it can be used by anyone working with young people. Its flexible programme ensures that it is of relevance to all young people, regardless of their background and circumstances.

The Award helps young people to achieve their potential and develop into responsible citizens

The International Award: The Benefits
Ever since its launch in 1956, the Award has appealed to schools with its concept of individual challenge that encourages young people to take responsibility for their own development. The Award Programme currently operates in around 9000 schools worldwide within national programmes or as individual units (Independent Operators).
The Award is a life changing experience that enables students to:
  • Gain recognition for extra/co-curricular activities
  • Improve their personal development by learning new skills such as time management, team work and problem solving
  • Build their confidence by trying something new
  • Make a positive impact on their community through volunteering
  • Undertake activities that support applications for college, university or employment
The Award also offers direct benefits to schools, which include:
  • Participation in an internationally recognised programme
  • A framework for the delivery of extra/co-curricular activities
  • Improved relations between pupils and teachers
  • Better team work amongst classmates
  • Better interaction and improved relations with the local community
“The Award greatly compliments the curricular offers of a school; it creates confidence, a sense of team and allows students to grow in ways they never dreamed of. I would encourage other schools to participate - this programme has changed our school.”
The International Award: A Journey to Self-Discovery


Age 14 +
Age 14 +
Age 14 +


Make a real contribution to a better world
This Section encourages a sense of responsibility to the community through voluntary service projects such as AIDS awareness programmes, voluntary service in hospitals, conservation work, or specialised training such as life saving
tree planting, helping the elderly, first aid, sports leadership…
Discover your sense of adventure
This Section encourages and cultivates a spirit of adventure, resourcefulness, problem solving, an understanding of the environment and the importance of teamwork
hiking, trekking, mountaineering, camping, map reading, orienteering…
Develop yourself
This Section encourages the development of personal interests and practical life skills; choose from an almost unlimited list of activities including arts and crafts, computing and music
learning to sing, drama, journalism, web design, painting…
Develop yourself
This Section encourages the development of personal interests and practical life skills; choose from an almost unlimited list of activities including arts and crafts, computing and music.
learning to sing, drama, journalism, web design, painting…

At Gold Level, students must also undertake a residential project over a period of five days

The International Award: A Global Programme
The Award began in 1956 and has spread across the world, because the philosophy and the four-Section format have proved resilient, attractive and adaptable to many cultures, languages and climates. The Award remains as relevant as ever with record levels of interest from participants and partner organisations.
The Award is not a membership organisation and works in partnership with others to offer the Award to young people worldwide. Any young person over the age of 14 and under 25 can participate in the Award.
The International Award: Get Involved
“The Award Programme fits seamlessly into the curriculum of any school which sincerely wishes to develop qualities of self-reliance, enterprise, perseverance and concern for others in its students. It provides a very good structure and meets the four-fold aim of education - learning to do, think, be, and live together.”

Jyotsna Brar, Former Principal, Welham Girls' School, India 

 “The Award recognises young people for the list of extra-curricular and voluntary activities to which they give their time. It’s often tough to balance school or college with activities, but the Award makes it easier.” 

Aoife Finnerty, Award participant, Ireland 

 “We have really valued the structure and the acknowledgement of the progress boys make. Much of what we are doing at St John’s College fits in easily with the Award Programme, and it gives us an external evaluation of the boys’ achievements.” 

Roger Cameron, Headmaster of St John’s College, South Africa

 “If it were not for my school, I would not have had the opportunity to do the Award. If it were not for my Award, I would wonder why I should bother finishing school.” 

Hayley, Bronze Award holder, Australia

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