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The Skills section provides the opportunity for a  participant either to improve on an existing skill,  or to try something new. As with other sections, a level of commitment over time to progress in a skill leads to a sense of achievement and well-being as well as possibly leading to improved employability.


This section stimulate new interests or improve existing ones. These interests are typically of an intellectually challenging or creative nature and may be hobbies, vocational or job-related skills as well as social, individual or cultural activities. 

Participants should be encouraged to interact with people who are experienced in the activity and so can share their enthusiasm and knowledge.  Participants may either take up a completely new activity or seek to improve their ability in an activity that they already do.

The specific benefits to the participant will depend on the skill chosen, but there are some benefits that are more general, in addition to the fact that the activity should be

enjoyable and matched to the overall outcomes and impacts for the Award.